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Due to the fact that familial cases of the disease were observed, a number of prazosin pills suggest its hereditary nature. However, familial cases are observed much less frequently than sporadic ones, in addition, within the same family, Pick's disease usually affects not relatives from different generations, but siblings.

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In Pick's disease, an atrophic process occurs in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, affecting the cortex and subcortical structures. It is most pronounced in the dominant hemisphere. There are no vascular disorders and inflammatory changes in the altered brain structures.

The exact causes underlying the development of minipress capsule disease remain unknown. Therefore, it seems more reasonable to assume that the development of the disease can be caused by exposure to the brain of various toxic substances. The effectiveness of therapy for Pick's disease is low. The disease progresses steadily and in 5-6 years ends with severe dementia.

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In the clinical picture of Pick's disease, there are three successive stages:

It is characterized by a change in the patient's personality with the loss of moral principles. Stage of cognitive impairment. Mental activity worsens, memory decreases. deep dementia. Patients need constant care, as they lose the ability for elementary self-care. In the initial stages of Pick's disease, patients exhibit antisocial behavior and pronounced selfishness. They lose the ability to control their actions, as a result of minipress pills they become eccentric - in particular, they satisfy basic instincts, including sexual desire, regardless of the people around them and the situation. Criticism of their actions is reduced.

Against this background, various disorders are formed, such as bulimia or hypersexuality. In the future, patients lose the ability to consistently perform actions (praxis disorders), their perception of the world around them changes (agnosia), memory loss occurs (amnesia). The outcome is profound dementia. Patients cannot serve themselves, are disoriented in time and space, immobilized.

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Life expectancy does not exceed 10 years from the onset of the first symptoms of Pick's disease.